Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Wildfire" - 2007

As freeform rock faded in the early 1970s, there was a hope that progressive country could carry the banner...


  1. Never one of my favorite MMM songs, that was the nicest sounding version I have ever heard. The mix, whether by Murphey's or Letterman's sound engineer was superb.

    I've seen him a couple times, in Albuquerque and in Ft Worth at the Bass Theatre, a time notch venue. Just missed a chance to catch him closer to home when he did a Cowboy Christmas show in Grand Junction. I snoozed and losed.

    An old favorite of mine, and underappreciated, I think, is "Alleys of Austin," a real pretty tune. TMats

  2. My faves from MMM are many, but the ones at the top would be "Wild Swans Against The Sun" and "Renegade"...

  3. Malcolm, I don't know that album. I searched pretty hard to listen to the two songs, but had very little success. I found a young woman on YouTube who did a nice cover of "Swans Against the Sun" and that encouraged me all the more to try and find the songs on iTunes--no joy. I like MMM's cowboy songs, but it's too bad his earlier stuff is almost completely ignored. TM