Tuesday, November 28, 2017

KFML AM & FM Begins

Friend and radio compatriot Herb Neu checked in recently after viewing the write-up on KFML at: (be careful opening the page, there is also a commercial page that also opens up when you visit).

Herb wanted to clarify a few things about how freeform KFML got started:

"I noticed a discrepancy in the KFML Link. The originators were Brian Kreizenbeck, Thom Trunnell and Herb Neu.

"Thom had left WLS-FM to become the PD of a San Francisco free form station and I left WLS-FM to become sales manager at KOME in San Jose. Prior to WLS-FM we were with KMYR in Denver, which was owned by Doubleday. They fired the entire staff and management because we were "subversive."

"ABC hired all of us except for Ashford who chose to hang around Denver. AFter we came to the Bay Area, Thom and I hated our respective gigs. Brian was in Denver and he let us know that KFML was in trouble and there was a chance for us to get involved.

"I called Joe McGoey and we set up a meeting with him. We hopped in my soon-to-be-repossessed VW and drove to Denver for the meeting. The deal we worked out was that we could provide a complete staff for a weekly salary of $100 each plus profit sharing."