Thursday, June 17, 2004

Top 40 Giant: WABC-AM

A bit off topic, the WABC Music Radio 77 website has lots of sound files, including airchecks, promos and jingles back from the Top 40 days... My recommendation is to stay away from the interviews. The actual recordings from the past are lots more fun...

By the way, there are a good number of airchecks from Bob "Bob-A-Loo" Lewis when he was doing the "All Nite Satellite" at WABC, before he went on to progressive FM radio...

WABC Musicradio 77

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

KSML Logo Gear

Digging around in the archives, I found the KSML logo (circa 1975). I put it on some clothes and stuff. Please check out the offerings at:

Station Logo Clothes & Accessories! | CafePress

If you would like a logo'd item that isn't currently "on the shop floor," so to speak, let me know and I can probably make you something custom as long as CafePress has the inventory.