Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bob Fass Documentary

There's a Bob Fass video documentary in the works. An intro reads:

"Radio Unnameable tells the story of legendary New York City disc jockey Bob Fass who pioneered free form FM radio on his long running program of the same name. For nearly fifty years, a devoted following of night people have tuned in at midnight to hear Fass’s spontaneous mix of music, politics, poetry, social activism and open dialogue amongst fellow listeners..."

"... Bob Fass has consistently served as a conduit for the culture at large, whether it be playing an instrumental role in the early careers of Bob Dylan and Arlo Guthrie, launching the Yippie movement with Abbie Hoffman or remaining a steadfast enthusiast for young activists and artists of today. Since it’s conception, there have been no boundaries for Radio Unnameable. Fass’s unique and influential program has blazed a trail for everything from NPR to Howard Stern. Yet even so, whether against the FCC, the changing landscape of FM radio or the countless station managers at listener sponsored WBAI, Bob Fass has had to fight many battles over the years to keep his show on the air. The documentary film Radio Unnameable is not only about Bob Fass and his legion of listeners but also the story of FM radio, it’s evolution, and the struggle to keep free expression on the airwaves."


  1. i am on his side politically,however,i don't believe, that people like bob fass, really want a better world. he suffers, from what i call, "activist dissease". these are mostly well intentioned folk, much more romantically attached to struggle,than real change. these cats, would not know, what to with themselves, in a better world. it is, all about the struggle. when, you talk to them, about pragmatic things to do, to make a better world,they tune out. the old boy, should retire to his bong, and abbey hoffman worship, and give it all a rest.

  2. Whoever wrote the above insulting comment probably has been cut off from talking on Bob's call-in program, for ignorant and insulting language, and just can't get over it. I'm sure Bob would never return the insult. Bob's program is top shelf.

  3. Our documentary film about Bob Fass and Radio Unnameable is now completed and screening at film festivals across the country. Check out our site for info.

  4. I just saw that documentary and it was great! TYVM for making it. It was a stroll through history for me. And as for the naysayer, if nothing changed, nothing would be learned. Bob not only had a very timely carrer, he created it as he went. The only thing that puzzled me was, how come I never tuned them in back then? I listened to Gene Shepherd from way back and when I switched to the FM, it was either 104.5 (QUAD RADIO) or 102.5.... My loss, but happy that I saw that documentary.