Saturday, August 23, 2008

60 Million Buffalo

60,000,000 Buffalo has now been released on CD. Below, please find a review of what was once an album, followed by a brief bio of Bill Ashford...

60 Million Buffalo - Nevada Jukebox

While Zephyr made their mark first, this band was easily as popular in Colorado during the '70s. In fact, these two bands shared the stage on more than one occasion, with a friendly competition between Judy Roderick and Candy Givens, the two lead vocalists. 60,000,000 Buffalo were known for their original material, arrangements and Don Debacker's guitar work. They completed one of two contracted albums for Atco, Nevada Jukebox, then broke up. They epitomize loose, funky Rocky Mountain rock & roll in the '70s.

Bill Ashford

Bill Ashford is a radio veteran of over four decades, starting in his high school years in North Carolina. He made a giant leap from there to Denver, Co., after experimenting with underground radio in late 1966-1967. He became one of the pioneers to help build one of the first five full time underground/freeform FM stations in Denver, along with others in L.A., S.F., N.Y.C., and Detroit. He went on to work in several other major markets and is currently living in Florida with his wife and grown children, operating a 24 hour a day full time freeform stream called The Rock Garden, and hearable at

He is also a songwriter, having co-written many titles, recorded by several artists including his own band in the early 1970's, "60,000,000 Buffalo", whose album has just been digitally remastered and released by Collectors' Choice Music at One of his co-writings, "Floods of South Dakota", recorded by Tim & Mollie O'Brien, was nominated for a Grammy in 1992. He has also reviewed artists and their work for All Music Guide.

Ashford is currently filling out his days writing a book about his days in the wildly experimental days of FM radio between 1966 - 1978. Working with collaborator Malcolm Gault-Williams, he expects to finish it in 2009.

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  1. I saw 60,000,000 Buffalo several times back in my Colorado Hippies days, including once with Zephyr. And of course, heard 'em a time or two on KFML. I have the original vinyl album, but as it's some four decades old and has seen more then it's share of turntable time, it long past it prime. So, that a CD has been released is good news indeed.

    Anyone out there remember Jack Vicker Jr's club, Stonescape was the name I believe, Zephyr was particularly the house band. I seem to somewhat remember that 60,000,000 also played there a time or two, but on that I could be mistaken.

    Long live the infamous "Antler's Hotel" and the "Zoo with the K". And if you understand that statement, then you have an insidious past.