Friday, October 10, 2008

Listening with Malcolm

It's taken a couple of years, but I have finally digitized every aircheck of mine I could find -- thankfully, I was pretty conscientious about taping my shows from about mid-career on. I have created a "Listening with Malcolm" channel that contains some of these airchecks, along with tributes to others. These are available in the mp3 player in the sidebar of this website and will be changed, periodically. I hope you enjoy these.

Malcolm, KGUL Am & Fm, Port Lavaca, South Texas

1 comment:

  1. right on brother...kick some ass, I'm gonna have to get on board with this shit...if this doesn't draw the "old bastards" out of their caves and back in the "toone" lane, nothing will, and beyond that maybe it's time to cycle out and bring in fresth blood. Just kiddin' I wish the boys and girl would make the time to come out and play...if the world ever needed great toone players it needs them now...desperately...the music was made to be played and enjoyed by an on-going parade of hungry fresh minds, fodder for betterment...I guess you wound me up, now lets see if this shit is me link up to this shit on bebopvideos I can start with a nooze story about you and all that you're doin'