Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Steven Fromholz

Received a comment to a previous FreeFormRadio Blog posting from Steven Fromholz's sister. As comments tend to get buried, I wanted to pass along a lot of the relevant info and some more that we have traded via email:


(Steven with the late B.W. Stevenson, image courtesy of

"... came across the comments left last year on Steven. Thought I'd let everybody know that he's back entertaining, writing music and accepting gigs again! He's spent the last 3 years recovering from the stroke he had in April, 2003 -- but tough as always he's right back at it again -- including guiding rafting trips and trail riding gigs -- and a most happy man! I've just finished a new website for him at if anybody wants to check it out and you can email him directly on the first page of the site. I know he'd love to hear from you guys -- thanks so much for your interest and caring!"

"I'm making an attempt to get his name back out there so he can go forward again. The music business is tough, as you are aware and although Steven says "It's not so
much of a coming back as a going on" -- the truth of the matter is it's a
coming back! It's the folks like you and the "posters" on your site that
have kept him/his name going during the recovery period. Thank you, thank
you, thank you..."

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Steven Fromholz appearances (see website for more):

October 7, 2006 - Tommy Alverson's Family Gathering at Tres Rios, Glen Rose, Texas

Nov. 10-12 - Gourmet River Trip, Terlingua, TX

(Steven with Kinky Friedman, image courtesy of

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  1. What a wonderful note, Malcolm, Great to hear that Stephen is back; after all--no one else is making "Country-Folk-Rock,Science-fiction Gospel-Gum Guacamole Opera Music." As he once said, "I have chosen to specialize."

    I'm am probably one of few people alive who can recite that from memory (if memory serves me correctly). I remember it from a short newspaper story on an upcoming Fromholz concert, and it made me like his music allthe more. T