Friday, December 01, 2006

Bob & Lynnie Fass

Just received this from Lynnie Fass:

"Hi, Malcolm! Great story about Bob Fass (and me) in this weeks December 4, New Yorker AND there're be a book out in January, "Something in the Air" by Marc Fisher , Random House about progressive radio. Thanks for being here, I hope you are well. Lynnie"

(Bob Fass and Abbie Hoffman back in the day, image courtesy of

Link to Fass audio at THE NEW YORKER: FASS: New Yorker

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  1. what gives? Are you a disc jocky ....and thats it.Record playing is not the RU show that I used to listen to for years and years.Records just don't cut it. For many years now that is all that you have been doing ....the record thing . Why should anyone stay up for that I am 81years old and I recall your powerful past.