Thursday, September 13, 2007


Freeform radio pioneers in Phoenix, Arizona, include the likes of William Edward Compton (aka Bill Compton) and Dwight Tindle...

(Bill Compton)

... and stations like KRUX-FM, KCAC-AM and KDDB-FM...

(KCAC Staff circa 1971)

There's a fabulous resource on KCAC, with some links to KDKB and other info on the stations and staffs at:

KCAC Lives!


  1. I find it interesting that while KDKB and KRUX were listed in this article, KRIZ and KUPD were not! As one who grew up with Phoenix rock and saw the progression from AM to FM during that time I can tell you that KCAC was not even a blip on the screen, but the other stations dominated the airwaves! I only hope the on-air persona's at those stations will emerge in some other way to show how much fun rock 'n roll can be!

    Sam James

  2. I find it interesting that while KRUX (AM by the way...FM did not carry over well) and KDKB were mentioned as powerhouses in the Phoenix market; KRIZ and KUPD were not! KRIZ, KRUX, KUPD, and KDKB helped to form an era that may never be seen again, but KCAC was not even a blip on the screen. I'll certainly miss the Compton Arena events as well, even though you can still see the decaying outdoor concert venue on the way from Tucson to Phoenix!

  3. I remember those years fondly. I loved the music. I have never been able to find any info on the earlier format of KCAC, when it was the only soul music station in Phoenix. Broadcast times were sun up to sun down. Does anyone out there have any info on those days

  4. AnonymousMay 09, 2013

    I remember that when KCAC went off the air, The station played the ocean waves sound while they retooled for KDKB Krazy Dog Krazy Boy

  5. Kcac za blast from the past remember Dyke and the Blazers in Phoenix I heard once it Wolfman Jack may have done a couple broadcast on KCAC