Friday, December 12, 2008

BILL ASHFORD (1942-2008)

Legendary freeform programmer Bill Ashford has passed on to that control room in the sky -- where there are no cue burns, records and CD's don't skip, and the new music endless...

There's a fair amount of information about Bill at this site. Please use the Google search bar above the "Free form Radio" masthead to search within this site. An external search will also bring stuff up, but most all of it is linked here.

Notable links include:

  • Bill's Ocala Obit

  • Ashford Rocky Mountain Obit
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    1. i am sitting here at my computer its april 18th and im looking for information on a posible video of the interview i did with paul and linda mcartney during their wings over america tour in 1976. so in my search i did a little checking on kfml where i worked with bill. i was not shocked but surprised to see he has exited the planet for the way i am terrible at punctuation so pleas excuse the scribble i guess thats why i did radio. the last time i talked to bill was last summer when we did the kcuv summer of love thing, he sounded fine and it was good to hear his voice again it had been a long long time, funny how friends lose touch. i would first of all send my condolences to gail and family i'm sorry i never got to meet bills children. gail and i worked together at the hamilton radio report music magazine for a while and got to know each other and in doing so i realized why bill fell in love with her what a sweet sharp and sharing person. gail is the one who edited my dribble before we released each weeks edition thank god. for what its worth all of you in the family and close friends have lost a true and sincere friend, bill is the guy that got me my shot at kfml and i remmember the day i met him. i had been listening to bill and the staff at kfml for months while i worked at kbpi and was extremely jelous that i couldnt do on the air what they were doing. so one day i took a copy of a radio interview that i had done in north dakota at a college radio station i worked at with shawn phillips over to kfml in hopes i might audition for a part time thing and bill was the first person i met there. he listened to the interview and hired me on the spot i got that late night gig and was scared stiff that i wouldnt quite fit in i remmember bill telling me not to worry most of the audience was stoned anyway and by the time they realized you were new youd just be old hat. he tutored me in how to segue great music and told me to be myself in my set creations not to worry about trying to be a musicologist jsut start with what you know and listen to the other guys and pick up tracks as you go along. it worked and with the help of the audience i got a crash course in the world of free form music. i got more and more comfortable on the air as time went on and im sure some of the older staff had there doubts about my fitting in but there was bill telling me not to worry about it they all had to shed there diaper at one time too. in short bill was a new found friend a mentor and a human encyclopedia of music to dram on and i owe all of my fun and experiences and time on the air to bill. as i sit here now typing this i remmember so many hilarious anecdotes about bill id like to share jsut one. i remmember the time bill was on the air in the middle of a set and he got tied up on the phone and his record ran out and he didnt have another cued up to follow it so in his no panic calm demeanor he simply turned the mike on and let the audience know he needed to go get another track to continue his set an as he walked away from the mike to get a record i can stil hear him whistling and saying you guys just talk amongst yourselfs ill be back in a minute. im sure if there is an afterlife that hank williams put his arm around bill and said "dont worry everybody has to shed there diaper sometime" and then sat down and asked bill what he thought of a new song he was working on. to the guy who fell asleep sitting next to me at a bob dylan concert at the old colosium in denver in the front row i may add you will be missed. jay cooper