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KFML Stones Dinner 1972

[ continuation of an original posting "Remembering KFML" at the Freeform Radio Forum, early 2005 ]

There were lots of ground breaking performances in Denver/Boulder, but I have a feeling you have forgotten some of the amazing things that happened at Mammoth Gardens. Also, Malcolm, where is the "recollection" you were going to share? - Bill


Well, Bill, I never thought this day would come, but here it is. It is an opportunity to get an answer to a question I've always wondered about:

I was one of the part-timers who programmed the station while you guys were out eating with the Stones and then going to concert somewhere in the Spring/Summer of 1972.

One of the other part-timers came in to relieve me. I forget his name(Rick?). I remember he wore a western cut denim shirt with pearl snaps and had a Quicksilver patch sewn in on the yoke of the shirt, inback of the neck. I liked the look of that set-up so much, I did the same thing later on. I still wear denim shirts (no western cut in Santa Barbara, unfortunately) once or twice a week on average. I love the feel.

Anyway, he comes in and says he made it over to the dinner and was talking down about you guys arranging to have dinner with the Stones and then not eating at the same table. I always wondered about that. First of all, the bad-mouthing, then whether or not it was true or just what he thought he saw.

Now at long last I get the answer. Is that the dinner you were referring to above, that was on the lawn? What was it that that the other part-timer saw?


(we exchanged some private emails about it, then...)

OK, here's the deal, probably a bit less vitriolic than yesterday, you know how adrenilin goes. I have little recall of your misguided misinformant. My experience is that most grousing and griping comes from jealous souls who feel left out of things, always at the hands of others. Meanwhile, what they're afraid of is that we see through that to the feelings of personal worthlessness that they secretly harbor.

Now, we did not "arrange" to get ourselves to that party. Our attendance was requested because folks generally liked having us in the mix, because interesting things generally happened when we were around. I don't know why, but they just did. The only time I ever had to beg for anything as when I was sent to ask/beg, whatever, 50 tickets to the Denver Pop Festival. What a trip that was, then I got the tickets. Remember that. Our prescence was asked for.

We sat at different tables in order to spread and absorb the energy going around. Thom and I sat with Charlie, I think, then Bill joined us. After a while, we were all wandering around the house and the yard anyway. Maybe he didn't sit with any of us, because nobody wanted to.

It was just one of many great days and nights that we participated in thru the years. Don't always take the negative for truth. Put the little S-head in touch with me if he needs to be straightened out, or hurt him worse by simply ignoring him.
I'm sure I had more to say. I'll pass it along when it recycles.



Ah, sorry you lost the original vitriol ... What you say about grousing and griping coming from jealousy is right on. Here's a few more details/observations from my perspective:

I wish I could remember the guy's name. I remember him as a good guy. Matter of fact, I can't remember anyone at KFML that I didn't like or at least respect, except for maybe McGoey. But, as years passed, I got to understand where he was coming from, too.

As part-timers, we were always jealous of you guys who had the consistent gigs and the glory. So, I'm sure a lot of that was coming through that night. For my part, I felt I had my jealousy under control, though. For instance, I wasn't bummed that I missed a dinner with the Stones. I was just happy to be freeforming at prime time!

In defense of the guy whose name I can't recall (he was a part-timer like me and, I believe, rising up in the ranks at the time [spring/summer 1972]), he may have been negative about the dinner knowing I was somewhat of a persona non grata at that point. I can't recall if this was before or after the strike, but if it was after the strike, then his tone to me would make perfect sense.

Anyway, this guy said the full-time staff was asked what you wanted to do with the Stones and someone came up with the idea of a dinner. It was a total respect thing. The only negative this guy telling the story injected was the deal about how the Stones sat at one table and you guys at another. For some reason, that really stuck in my memory and I've occasionally -- at the oddest of times -- wondered about it. It did not fit my picture of what we all amounted to at KFML...

... Isn't the Internet great? Here we are basically 33 years later trading memories! Thanks so much for getting in the mix, Bill. - MALCOLM


But the point you're missing, and apparently so was he, is WE WERE NOT A SEPARATE TABLES!!!! Stones were spread around tables and so were we. How else would I have have been close enough to enjoy the sight of the lovely (and whacked) Anita nod out in her plate? Believe me, there were groupies, real and wannabees, guys who were close to the center of things and various and sundry Stones tour people. We were all intermixed. Again, I don't know where your boy was, but Thom & I were at a table with Bill & Charlie. Kreizenbeck, Sandy and others were at different tables. And, we were asked for an idea that wouldn't be too corny for the guests,(more on this a little further down. Sorry, it just jumped and I don't know how to get it back. Read it just after "for the guests" and "God, what an....." God, what an idiotic thing for this guy to carry around a lie about all the years.

Earlier I had asked a georgous, single teacher (female) to go with me, but she declined saying some one else had already assured her that he could get them in. Sometime during the evening, I was asked to go pick up a package which I did. The driver and I got, and fortunately found a space right the driveway. There we sat making certain that what we had attained was of suitable quality for us and the honored guests. I looked up in time to see this girl and her "date" walking toward the gatekeeper, who, after listening to about 30 seconds of bs, turned them around and away they went. I couldn't resist calling her around 4AM, to tell her I had witnessed her disappointed and reminded her to choose more carefully if another such occasion arrived Oh, I finally remembered the last part of my rant from yesterday. I do not deny that we managed to take up a lot of room whereever we went. [quote][quote]Wesuggested the idea of a back yard party, decorated with da tongue, etc. We didn't plan it, the property owner, deeming it to be the best idea he was likely to hear, had it put together. Sorry, I don't hang crepe paper!

People just seemed to noticed when we appeared in places. I also admit that I still know people who will not speak to me, based on some of my ill advised behavior back then. That's OK. I have survived Cancer surgery, radiation and a heart attack. I will get by with or without them. Hmmm...sounds like a line from a song. Blahblahblah...gotta go. B


Oh shid oh dear..ain't this grand, all this activity?! Bill, a couple days ago you mentioned the great shows at Mammoth Gardens; I'm afraid I missed it. I heard the stories [Cream, Hendrix (I think), others) but it was closed when I arrived (or soon after). I hear it opened again several years ago and is, once again, a great venue. I did catch some great shows at Ebbets Field (thanks CM) but missed out on Mammoth.

Thanks Malcolm and BTW I've been meaning to compliment you on the black background and format of the website for a couple weeks--looks great. T


Thanks T, thanks Bill.

No, I get it about the separate tables. If anyone is at fault for carrying around a lie, it is me. The guy who got it wrong told me about it that night in the KFML studios, 33 some odd years ago, and I've wondered about it ever since.

That's one reason I dig the Internet so much. We can have this give-and-take and flesh out some of the history. It should not be lost!

Good one about the babe... - MALCOLM


I probably should have started a new topic for this one, but I have some great memories of Kinky's stuff on KFML. He has recently announced that he is seeking the governor's office of Texas, running as an Independent.

Who can forget such Friedman classics as: "Get Your Biscuits in the Oven; and Your Buns in the Bed." and "[/i]They Ain't Makin' Jews Like Jesus Anymore[/i]."

Also reminds me of a couple other artists who you could hear on KFML, David Bromberg, Louden Wainwright III, and Martin Mull (and the Fabulous Furniture). Good stuff, Good Luck Kinky. T

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