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Firesign Theatre

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The Firesign Theatre has all of their stuff up on the Net for sale. The fun part about their website (aside from seeing all the albums I missed), is sampling their clips.

The website is at: FIRESIGN THEATRE

FT clips are at: FT Audio

(my favorite FT album of all time... I'm also a big fan of Nick Danger!)


Malcolm, is that the one with "your first three words in Turkish" on it?
Let's see...
"He's gonna be OK folks and ready to play.. BE-E-E-AT TH-E-E REA-AP-P-PER!!"

"That's a mount"
"No, it's a butte"
"And right purdy too"

"OK folks. fun's over. Back in the bus"

I suppose it wouldn't be as funny if I heard it all again. I kind of like the snippets I remember and the feeling they give me. T


Hey, T ~

Call me weird, but I still like to listen to FT. Yeah, the snippets are still easily digestible. But, once or twice a year I will relisten to one of the FT albums (now CD) that I have and still get a kick out of it. Some things are dated, but their work now has an added dimension of time. They take me back to those days when we interwove Firesign Theatre comedy into our freeform shows.

Try it out. Especially their earlier work (pre-1976). Not to say that they haven't continued to be good. I'm just not as familiar with their stuff past 1976, so I can't recommend it. Going to their web page, I see that most of their recorded work I have yet to listen to! I hope to do that at some point... - MALCOLM


OK Malcolm, I'll give 'em another listen. I use, "OK folks, fun's over; back in the bus." Nobody has ever recognized it as a line from FT (or at least hasn't said so. I could probably glean another phrase or two. T


I found myself doing the same kinda thing the other day. Someone was saying:

"Who's responsible?!"

And I found myself in automatic response saying:

"Communist Martyr's High School, that's who."

Of course, of course... NO ONE knew what I was talking about... - MALCOLM

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