Wednesday, August 10, 2005

J. Parrets, M. Murphey & S. Fromholz

Originally Posted at the Freeform Radio Forum: 30 Jan 2005
Post subject: Others Deserving Recognition

I'd like to take this opportunity to acknowledge Jeff Parretts (apologies if I spelled your last name wrong, Jeff) formerly of radio station KDKB in Phoenix, AZ. Jeff hosted a show he called The Sunday Night Spectrum in the late 80's that moved away from the FM playlist and very nearly achieved freeform. I used to record his show, then make cassettes (I know, flintlock technology) of my favorites: Steve Earle, Nancy Griffith, the Smithereens, Gear Daddys, John Hiatt, Shawn Colvin, Texas..ah that's enough, you get the idea.

I don't know where you are now, Jeff, but your efforts were appreciated by me. T


T ~ Thanks. I searched on some various spellings and came up with a Jeff Parrets currently involved with a little-known current freeformer KCDX-FM, Florence, Arizona. Check the blog for further info.


That's great, thanks Malcolm. Jeez I wish a few more people would get involved. Based on our exchanges the last month, I've thought of sending personal messages to Ashford, Steven Fromholz, and now Jeff Parrets and see if they might like to partake.

As I was telling you, I saw Michael Martin Murphey (he reminded us about the "e" in his last name; the proper Irish spelling) at the Bass Theatre in Ft Worth. The Bass is an absolute jewel, an updated take on a European opera house, complete with 4 stories of balconies. The acoustics are outstanding. Jerry Mills is not playing with him, he's touring with three excellent musicians (and I shouldn't have started writing without looking up their names), lead guitar and hammered dulcimer, bass (both electric and stand-up) and fiddle. Good show. Michael, if you should ever log into this forum; I think you should cover the Badger Clark song Spanish is a Loving Tongue. It would be tough to do it better than Emmy Lou, but I can't think of a male artist who could do it better. T


T ~ I still forget the "e" in MMM's name. Old habits... People GO to websites out of a need -- whether it's information or to buy something or curiosity, etc. People come BACK to websites because the sites are updated -- new merchandise, new info, latest controversy, etc... I know we've had a very good number of people who have visited the FreeForm Forum and left no discernable footprint. That's OK. I think that over time, as people who lurk get to see that actual reconnections with freeform and their past compadres can happen using this site, there will be more participation... Just in this first year of operation, I've been able to renew friendships with my old pal Jim Clancy (KCFR - KFML - CNN), get to re-know Dan Yurman (KFML), communicate a lot with Moe Armstrong (KSAN - KUNM), trade mail with some of my old KCSB pals, and meet a new one (you). So, for me it has been worth it. When the word gets around and past freeform programmers see they can do the same with the people they want to connect with, there will be more repeat visitors and participants. ~ m


We're not all dead, some of us just look like it. Let's face it, war is hell. FYI, I spoke with Frumholz last year (I think) and he is leading wild water trips for city types in West Texas. He sounded great. I have great stories, but I can't tell them til either he or I is/are gone. Like Hunter Thompson. When I was at KHOW in Denver, we used to have the phone number at his favorite bar in Aspen. If we didn't over use it, we were allowed to call him for comments on whatever. He was a great occasional voice on the radio. - Ashford


Hey Bill ~

Sorry to hear about the Doctor's checkout. He was certainly a cultural hero.

I sent Fromholz an email about two weeks ago, but no reply. I've never met him, but wanted to let him know we were thinking about him. The email address I sent to is:

... Got it from his website. He's in cahoots with a rafting outfit HQ'd in Taos. I rode down the Rio Bravo with those guys in the early 1990's. Fun people.

Read a bit about health issues with Fromholz, while I was at his site. Happen to know anything more about that?


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  2. Angela (Sis)September 15, 2006

    I'm Steven Fromholz's sister -- and came across the comments left last year on Steven. Thought I'd let everybody know that he's back entertaining, writing music and accepting gigs again! He's spent the last 3 years recovering from the stroke he had in April, 2003 --but tough as always he's right back at it again - including guiding rafting trips and trail riding gigs -- and a most happy man! I've just finished a new website for him at if anybody wants to check it out and you can email him directly on the first page of the site. I know he'd love to hear from you guys -- thanks so much for your interest and caring!

  3. ANGELA ~ Thank you so much for writing in! Even greater to hear Steven is performing again, on the trail, in the rapids and hopefully to pen, as well... I first began playing TEXAS TRILOGY and another cut off the original album I forget the name of... Back in 1971, in Santa Barbara, California at student station KCSB-FM, broadcasting from the University of California at Santa Barbara... I later played them at KFML, Denver in 1972; KZFM-FM, Corpus Christi in 1972; KMIO-FM in 1974; and numerous stations later, including KTCL-FM, Fort Collins; KWBY-AM, Edna, Texas; KGUL AM & FM, Port Lavaca, Texas; KUNM-FM, Albuquerque, New Mexico... and now, often, at home...