Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A List

[ Originally Posted at the Freeform Radio Forum: 23 Apr 2005
Post subject: A List (T's Recommendations) ]

Today I was thinking about Ashford's discography from the link that Malcolm provided a few months ago. I decided to share my list. This is a relatively short one composed of those artists that I think are consistently good, from early in their careers until present (if alive).

Los Lobos (except for "This Time")
Steve Earle
Haggard (especially in the early 80s, "The Way I Am" and "Big City")
Pearl Jam
Alan Jackson
Vern Gosdin
Dwight Yoakum
Rolling Stones
John Hiatt

- T


Changed my mind about the Stones; I haven't bought a recording of theirs since "Goat's Head Soup" except to replace earlier vinyl with CDs. Same reason Dylan's not on the list. - T

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