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Radio Free Phoenix

Posted at the Freeform Radio Forum: 09 Mar 2005
Post subject: Free Form Radio is alive and well at


I've been reading the treads on Free Form Radio and would like to let everybody know about Radio Free Phoenix. Broadcasting on the web out of Phoenix, Arizona, Radio Free Phoenix brings back the style of Free Form Radio that existed in one form or another in Phoenix with KCAC, Underground KDKB, KSTM (The Storm) and other great free form stations of the past. We have a full airstaff of Phoenix vets like Andy Olson (KSTM, KZON KSLX); Liz Boyle (KDKB, KSLX, KOOL) Dave Cooper (KYOT, KJZZ) Lee Powell (KDKB, KSTM, KSLX) and Pete Michaels (KSTM, KLPX (Tucson) There's also a great article about the station in the Feb 5, 2005 issue of The Phoenix New Times:


Andy ~ Thanks for the heads-up. I went to the website, cruised around a bit, and also read the Times piece. Congratulations! It sounds like you have a contemporary freeform station actually in operation. I especially liked that you trace what you are up to back to Bill Compton. Unfortunately, I am having difficulty connecting in order to hear what you are doing. Are you having server problems? I will try again and expect to eventually listen. Keep with it


Thanks AO, I too had trouble listening, but spent a few minutes looking at the archived playlist--great stuff. I had to smile to myself when I saw Firesign Theatre on the list; that brings back memories...blurry ones, but memories nonetheless BTW, I'm an Arizona boy too, alum of Yavapai College and UofA. C ya T


Here's a message I received from Andy Olson about the connection issue with RadioFreePhoenix:

Hi Malcolm,

Thanks for checking out the Radio Free Phoenix site. As for connection problems, I haven't discovered any myself. It seems the biggest connection problem is with Windows media player (depending on what player and operating system one has). The guy at the New Times who wrote the article could never pick it up at the New Times. It seems they have such serious firewalls in place they can't access any streaming audio. Can you explain your connection problem. I'd like to know. Perhaps the server acts different depending where the connection is coming from.


Andy Olson

P.S. You have a great site. Thanks for holding up the torch for Free Form Rock. I discovered your site through a google page search that was made by a German listener who connected with the Radio Free Phoenix page.


My original problem connecting must have been because of the firewall at work (University of California, Santa Barbara). When I came home and tried connecting, I had no problem whatsoever. Fun listening!

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